Sunday, May 16, 2010

War Saw

Old Town is where it's at. Warsaw brought us lots of walking, bussing, and museums.
WWII history everywhere, our brains were filled to the brim with new information.
Mermaids enchanted us
We shared a couch (couchsurfing) with the most wonderful polish women who welcomed us into her home and answered every question we asked.

P for Poland

Krakow, a city that once boasted the title of capital.

It was a rainy day spent wandering the cobblestone streets.

Green and Wet.

The city was surrounded by parks that acted as lungs. Light dew rested on everything including our clothes.

bicycles and crumbling buildings.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, Let me just say from experience that you cannot walk 200 miles in 4 days… but you can walk over 20.

My 3 day adventure into rural Ireland is one I will never forget. Period the end.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is just a tid bit of traditional Irish music that can be found in a pub any given night of the week in Ireland.

Listening to this music was one of my favorite moments in Ireland. I wish you all could have been there. The music sweeps you away. The atmosphere is cozy and you feel as though you have just stepped into someone’s living room full of friends jamming to their hearts content. It wasn’t a “show”. Unpretentious.


I loved your quaint streets that were packed with unexpected color in the forms of chipped paint and old faded signs.

Adventures were had finding the famous fish and chip shop where the fish was fried whole and cradled in 3 thick sheets of waxed brown paper. The shop looked like it hadn’t changed a bit since the red ribbon was cut. Line out the door with two small tables outside. Our table was the sidewalk down the road where we plopped down and dived in. mmm fish donut.

Tried to find a friend of a friend. Walked the streets asking buskers where to find Patrick. There was one man who answered to the name but he just wanted a wife and a good time and would have agreed to any name given.

Murphy’s and Beamish filled my belly and buzzed my brain into a sweet lull.

The night was filled with traditional Irish music that made me swoon and melt in my seat. Pubs feel like living rooms with fresh beer on tap. Cozy nooks where you can people watch and make up stories for every person that comes in from the neighborhood.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chipped paint house

Stumbled across this restless abode When crossing the broken glass doors and windows the feeling of secrets untold rushed into my chest

First thing eyes rested on was a plastic rosary choking the stair banister

The turquoise and yellow paint teased a sense of innocence

Tainted past