Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been MIA from this blog of mine. I have been in the big crazy city of Buenos Aires for over two months now and I have abandoned this blog completely. I just felt like my travel days were over for now and this new stage of settling into Latin America is on a totally different page. I also spilled coca cola on my digital camera, so I have nothing to document my time here with. The pictures are my favorite part of my blog anyways and I just don't feel like I can do my blog without them. So I am leaving you here. This is the wrap up of another amazing chapter of my life. If anything this blog is a digital memory holder that I can come back to whenever I'm feeling nostalgic. I thank the people who encouraged me to document my travels and who pushed me to start my blog. I have dipped into the big sea of blogging and  have to say it was a very fun short swim. I may start another blog about my life here in BA, but for now this is my despedida! Adios amigos!



It's been two months since lugging my backpack around and hostel beds were the norm. Portugal was the last stop of this long trip. Portugal was gorgeous and Lisbon made me want to stay forever. I will be back someday soon.The cobblestone streets were covered with smooshed purple petals. The views from the cuidade alto were gorgeous. 

Let me tell you that the portuguese portuguese was so different in comparison with the brazilian portuguese... I could barely understand what these people were saying! But I still got to brush up and use my language a bit which is always fun. PAO DE QUIEJO is bread of the gods and I indulged in it daily. Ivy and I ate salted sardines, olives, and portuguese pastries :) mmmm We really do travel well together... been there done that and check onto the next adventure, then followed shortly after by delicious food. 

I would like to say many of the photographs in the last few posts were shot by the talented Ivy Chappelle. 

Farewell travels. Now it's off to my new life in Buenos Aires, Argentina!