Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi, I can't move. ugh, rode for 22 miles today on a mountain bike in the backroads of northern Hong Kong. For some probably that sounds like a nice workout, but for me... brea, girl who never exercises (I know it's bad) it was enough to kill me just a little. ugh.

It was great though. It was nice to go out with my Uncle and see what he does(He is a travel agent/missionary/bike tour guide.)

I'm sitting in my room realizing that I leave Asia in on Monday morning at 7 AM and I am not packed nor are my clothes washed. Tomorrow will be chill though, going to a movie with the fam then for lunch then guessing I will just pop home and pack up my life into my pack again. Which sounds so good! I am so ready for Europe. First stop will be London, staying with my good ole friend Tom, should be a blast. Then taking the Chunnel train(I think that's what it's called) to Paris to drink espresso and wander. :) Eventually will meet up with Bryndaloo there.

Oh, and my camera broke during the China trip. Really pissed about it. I bought it a week into this trip and it already pooped out on me. I took it to the olympus customer service headquarters and they will fix it for free but it won't be finished for 6 days. That means no camera for London as my family here will have to ship it through to mail to me. Grrrr

This post it a bit of a ramble. sorry, off to bed.

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