Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little dream of a place

Seville is a dream. This statement could not be truer in my life. Seville was the perfect town to escape to after abrasive Morocco. It was the last stop of our trip and one of the best cities yet. This small southern Spanish city was filled with cobblestone streets, cathedrals, friendly faces, happy people, and warm hearts.

We spent hours at Cafes, restaurants, and parks just shooting the shit and sipping coffees, indulging in tapas and good conversation.

I bought new bright blue shoes.

We sat in a square that held a play structure for children. Hours passed eating ice cream and laughing at all the beautiful kids. They were all so funny/cute/reminded me of how simple life can be.

Our last night was spent on our hostel rooftop. The most beautiful view I’ve ever seen from a rooftop. We imbibed in white wine and a homemade meal cooked by yours truly.

Seville was a dream.


  1. Cutie patooties!! Love the pic. You all do look relaxed and happy in Seville! KSJ

  2. The colored houses with clean streets and the horse! Man, do you have an eye! Brea- you will definitely be able to publish this trip!! I hope you are keeping a personal diary too, that will add to your v blog??? :) Always thinking ahead! Love_ KSJ

  3. no diary... this blog is it! haha