Sunday, April 11, 2010

secret treasures

This photo doesn’t begin to capture the insane happiness that was throbbing through my body at the moment it was taken. This young boy from Estonia and young girl from Israel made my night. Tom and I were tired and trudging to Whole Foods to try and buy some bulk foods before taking the tube over to his parent’s house. When we arrived in front of Whole Foods there were workers inside but the doors locked. Sure enough they close at 9 and the hands of my watch read just that. We were just on time for closure. Right when our hearts were fluttering downward and my frustration level was rising we were asked…. “Do you want FOOD!” “Oh yes! Oh yes! They bring ze bins out, they bring glorious, wonderful, beautiful food!” The next few minutes were spent striking up conversation and sharing moments with this wonderful pair of human beings. Their smiles and willingness to share their secret was sheer kindness. Tom and I walked away with a fresh baked bread block loaded with fresh tomatoes, rocket, cheese, and sauce. Mmmmm it was the perfect dinner. We also scored a huge bag of cupcakes!!!! All organic all baked that day. What a wonderful life!

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