Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fried fish balls

Spent the other day running around Kowloon with my aunt Rosa. We went to Mong Kok district which has the highest population density in the world! We went to the flower market, fish market, and ladies market. I love the name of ladies market... no it is not a place to pick out a woman. It is a place for women to go and buy ridiculously cheap clothes and earrings and necklaces etcetera etcetera.. But before we went too far my aunt decided it was time I really tried all of the traditional chinese foods that I hadn't braved yet. So we popped into this small little side restaurant. First plate that showed up on our table was fried fish balls. Oh dear they were gross. but I didn't let it show... I finished two and when my aunt asked if I liked them I just said that they weren't my fav. Next plate was tofu, eggplant, and green bell pepper topped with fish paste. They were actually all pretty good. We topped them with hot chili oil and soy sauce. mmm. Then came dumplings filled with green something and meat something. ok. Lastly SHARK FIN soup. This is my aunt's all time favorite. It looks like glutenous brown jelly mixed with mushrooms, lettuce, and little cut up pieces of shark fin... not very mouth watering. But I finished a couple spoonfuls and commenced a conversation about if I ended up living here I'm sure I would learn to love all these foods. Maybe....

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