Thursday, February 25, 2010

I had the most amazing time last night just wandering around Causeway bay. Once again I found an area that is teeming with people. SO MANY PEOPLE! I just can't get over the amount of human beings that thrive in this city. Earlier in the day I sat in line for an hour to get my visa process started. I am heading to mainland China with my Aunt on the 8th of March. She does mission work and has a project set up in a small rural village. We are going to check up on the village and the pig farm that is set in place. So anyhoo. Got my visa app started then walked and walked and walked until I had a case of super low blood sugar attack. I realized I hadn't really eaten anything all day except for a package of ritz. ai ai So luckily I stumbled across this awesome little hot dog stand. The concept was german hot dogs with japanese fusion. Crazy but good. :) Also found some fun graffiti and an amazing little market off of Jardin Garden Ave that was stocked full of super cheap clothes. All in all a great day stomping the streets.

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