Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's the loo?

In addition to space, Hong Kong has a shortage of toilets. Seriously. When I start to feel like I have to pee I have a mini heart attack. It takes me forever to find a restroom. On top of that the MTR system, which carries a bazillion people every day, does not have restrooms in their terminals. What was the government thinking with that one? Gahhh, so inconsiderate.

I do have to commend whoever invented the squatter toilets. Freaking amazing! Instead of trying to hover/semi squat over a ridiculously gross toilet that 50 other women have peed all over you can just plant your two feet down on either side of a hole and squat. Incredible ☺

On the subject of restrooms, today I walked into a restroom to find an ashtray conveniently installed above the toilet paper dispenser. And there was a freshly smoked butt with ashes in it. The woman who smoked it was wearing red lipstick. Bizarre.

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