Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoughts from economy class

Stuck in a small confined area for 13 hours of my life, seriously people I don’t know why I always think flying is so exciting. I love the terminal part, getting checked in, getting to your gate, buying snacks and a magazine for the flight… I even like the taking off and landing part… but sitting in a small confined area for 13 hours of my life… no, not so much. There is a baby on this flight, fortunately it is about 10 rows up and it’s screaming is more of a background noise rather than a headache. Someone just stole my complimentary airplane pillow. I let it fall down to the right in between my armrest and the window and they just swooped in with their skinny little hand and took it. People. I will be landing in London in three hours, but by the time I post this I will have already been on the tube, felt the vibe of the city, and most likely have taken a nice hot shower.

I am officially off on a new adventure. I left states with a small outline of a plan. Get to Hong Kong on a one-way ticket, stay at least 2 to 3 weeks, then find a one-way ticket to Europe to meet up with my friend Bryn in Ireland. After Ireland and maybe a few trips in Europe hop over on another one way ticket to Argentina arriving before school starts in September. Boy oh boy… Open plans have now let me to another loose outline… Fly one way to London, stay a week, hop on the Chunnel to Paris, stay a week by my lonesome and soak up everything while drinking as much espresso and red wine as I can and devouring baguettes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Next meet up with the amazing and talented film guru Bryn Silverman and bus or train down to southern France near Lyon to stay with more friends and see the country, next to Spain, then over to Morocco. Wow! And that’s not it folks. This part of the trip will be over by mid April. Then I can basically travel alone again, maybe use my Portuguese in Portugal and then fly up to Ireland. Next set plan is to strut side-by-side Bryn as she finds her familial roots… in Poland. We fly there May 6th. My uncle told my in the car on the way to airport today that the Obendorf clan actually was from Poland. They think the original town Obendorf is from Poland not Germany and that they were in the beer business. How awesome is that! So I might be looking in a few local phonebooks me self. Ok so after Poland there is no plan except to travel Eastern Europe and eventually end up in Berlin to fly out to Kazakhstan in June. Yeah… I’m going to Kazakhstan… yeah HA life is beautiful.

AIAIAI meu deus do ceu! Que locura! Nossa senhora! So yeah feeling like leaving things open has led to an intense euro trip that I didn’t imagine myself taking. All I need from all of you is your prayers that I will make it to Argentina with a couple of dollars in my pocket. Really don’t know if I will be able to budget this. Really wished I played a guitar right now so I could play a little tune and set out my hat for donation. Even if I have to be hungry a bit….It’s all part of the adventure!!!!!

I’m ready. Let’s Go!

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